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Japanese Anime Week in VN will be hold up in Hanoi from 12 - 16/01/2011

This news make me sad sad after feeling amazed T____T.  "Colorful" anime will be screened in VN, particularly Hanoi. The most important thing for me is Aoi chan who is one of the voice cast in this anime. Why??? I'm in HCM city.  Why in Hanoi? Why not in HCM city? I always hope someday I can take a seat in the movie theater to watch Aoi's work in front of the wide screen in the movie theater... But, I hope Japanese Anime Week in VN will be hold up in HCM city later T___T. Hope hope hope and pray T____T

Im so jealous with someone who lives in Hanoi right now. Jealous, jealous, extremely jealous T____T

Miyazaki Aoi promotes "Colorful" anime

Demo, in January, the final test is coming to me =)).

Some time ago Miyazaki already mentioned that she's a big fan of the novel and that she's more than glad to lend her voice to one of the characters. "I want to read this novel to my children when I become a mother as well. Since it's one of my favorite novels, there also was a lot of pressure during the recording." Around 300 pupils attended the event and Miyazaki had some nice words for them. "Please be always grateful to your parents, try to do a lot of things on your own and become wonderful adults," she said.

Im sure u will be a good mother :"> [cause u have a happy family and a wonderful mother]

I like ur nice word for these pupils.

Recently, I have re-watched Atsu hime and I also have recognized that I am fan girl - ing  Atsu hime =)). I want to say I love the cast, love all >"<



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Dec. 17th, 2010 10:13 am (UTC)
Ủa? :O Cái anime này làm lúc nào vậy?! :O
Cái gì cũng show ở ngoài HN cả >">
Dec. 17th, 2010 10:19 am (UTC)
Chíu hồi T8 bên Nhật :((

Qủy quỷ quỷ ko :((

Mờ Aoi già lồng tiếng anime cũng kha khá mà bé có mò đi coi bộ nào đâu =))

Ôi, fan đó nha :->

Thiệt thì cũng hơi bùn bùn
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